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Past Contributions to Open Source Projects

Open source projects that I helped maintain and contributed to with passion.


creator & maintainer 2020-2022

Kustomizer is an experimental package manager for distributing Kubernetes configuration as OCI artifacts. It offers commands to publish, fetch, diff, customize, validate, apply and prune Kubernetes resources.

This project served as a testing bench for features that made their way into Flux. Kustomizer is the project where features like staged-apply, garbage collection and diffing were first introduced.

The server-side apply engine used by Flux kustomize-controller, and the OCI artifacts management in Flux and Timoni are all derived from experiments in Kustomizer.

golang, kubernetes

Helm Operator (Flux v1)

maintainer 2018-2022

The Helm Operator was initially developed by Weaveworks, as an extension to Flux v1. It was the first project in CNCF that made possible to declaratively manage Helm releases using Kubernetes CRDs.

In 2019, we showcased the Flux Helm Operator at Helm Summit in Amsterdam, after that, the project took off. The GitOps practices gained traction in the Helm community and brought a new wave of users to Flux.

In 2020, the Flux team started migrating the Helm Operator users to Flux v2, and in 2022 the project was archived in favor of Flux v2 and its helm-controller.

golang, helm, kubernetes

Service Mesh Interface

maintainer 2019-2021

SMI was created to provide a standard interface for service meshes on Kubernetes and a basic feature set for the most common service mesh use cases. It was accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project in March 2020.

I've joined the project early on and, I've implemented the SMI APIs in Flagger. Which made Flagger compatible with the Linkerd service mesh. Later on, both Flagger and Linkerd adopted Kubernetes Gateway API.

In 2023, SMI was archived in favor of the Gateway API GAMMA Initiative.

golang, kubernetes


creator & maintainer 2017-2020

MongoDB dockerized backup agent that runs backups on a schedule with retention policies, S3 & SFTP upload, notifications and Prometheus instrumentation.

While working full-time on Flux, I lost interest in MongoDB and archived the project. Thanks to Sam Lin, the project lives on and has a new home at



creator & maintainer 2017-2018

DevOps tool built on top of VMware Vsphere, Docker, NATS and MongoDB for managing the deployment of microservices across multiple regions and environments.

This project was born during my SRE days, while working on-call for a large EU organisation in the energy sector. After quiting the SRE job and joining Weaveworks, I've archived this project and fully embraced Kubernetes.

golang, vuejs

ASP.NET Throttle

creator & maintainer 2014-2017

ASP.NET rate limiting solution designed to control the rate of requests that clients can make to a Web API or MVC app based on IP address, client API Key and request route.

In 2016, I gave up on the .NET ecosystem and one of my former colleagues, Cristi Pufu, took over the maintainership of the ASP.NET Core middlewares.