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Flux v2 - GitOps General Availability Release

I am thrilled to announce the v2.0.0 General Availability (GA) release of Flux and its GitOps components.

Big thanks to all the Flux contributors that helped us reach this milestone, and a special shoutout to the Flux community who supported us over the years!

Flux stats

It has been a fantastic journey of rebuilding the original Flux into a microservices architecture, adding Flagger as a subproject, getting validated as a graduated project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and now reaching GA with Flux 2.0.

In April 2020, we've decided to redesign Flux from the ground up using modern technologies such as Kubernetes controller runtime and Custom Resource Definitions. The decision was made to break Flux functionally into specialised components and APIs with a focus on extensibility, observability and security. After three years of intense development and hundreds of pre-releases, we are marking the GitOps features of Flux as stable and production ready.

Components promoted to GA:

For more information about Flux GA, please see the following articles: