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Flux project graduates from the CNCF incubator

Flux is now a CNCF Graduated project. Huge thanks to the Flux community for being with us on this incredible journey.

GitOps was just the beginning, I'm super excited about what comes next!

Flux Graduation

Since joining the CNCF Incubator in March 2021, Flux and its subproject, Flagger’s commitment to governance and an inclusive community has resulted in a 200-500% growth of its user base, integrations, software usage, user engagement and contributions.

I feel humbled and honored to be part of the Flux and Flagger team for the past five years. With the help of our community, we have come a long way since Flux’s inception and the start of the GitOps movement.

Today, Flux is an established continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes, trusted and backed by organizations around the world. The Flux team is very grateful to the cloud native community and CNCF who supported us over the years and made Flux what it is today.


Flux has been an exciting project to watch as GitOps becomes mainstream. Flux users have not only adopted advanced uses of GitOps and progressive delivery, but they have done so together with key projects in the CNCF landscape like Flagger, Helm, Prometheus, and more. Flux’s graduation is a good indicator of the success and promise of cloud native technologies.

Chris Aniszczyk, CTO CNCF

Read the official announcement on the CNCF website.