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CNCF promotes the Flux project to incubation

I am very happy to announce that the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee has promoted the Flux project to incubating status!

Since Flux entered the CNCF Sandbox in August 2019, we've seen major growth, our user base increased by 2.75x and the community expanded by 4x. The Flux team has defined open governance and security reporting processes, added seven new maintainers from multiple organizations, and grown Flux use in production to more than 80 organizations.

Thanks to our friends at Deutsche Telekom, Lunar, MediaMarktSaturn and Sortlist who spoke in favour of Flux and explained their GitOps implementation in user interviews with the CNCF.

This year we have been working on Flux v2, which builds on the success of v1 to provide a set of projects to create a comprehensive GitOps solution. We’ve taken our time to ensure that Flux v2 has feature parity with Flux v1, and that end users have the best experience possible migrating to v2.


GitOps started with the simple idea of using Git as the source of truth for declarative infrastructure to evolve to an ecosystem of tools that improves the developer experience of application delivery with Kubernetes. As more organizations adopt cloud native software at scale, the adoption of GitOps tools like Flux will naturally follow, and we look forward to cultivating their community within CNCF.

Chris Aniszczyk, CTO CNCF

Read the official announcement on the CNCF website.