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Flagger joins CNCF and the Flux project

I am very happy to announce that Flagger, the Progressive Delivery Operator for Kubernetes, has joined CNCF as a Flux subproject.

Flagger source code repository is now available at fluxcd/flagger.

Flagger was specifically designed for GitOps style delivery. Flagger extends Flux functionality with progressive delivery strategies like Canary Releases, A/B Testing and Blue/Green.


Since the introduction of the GitOps Toolkit, the Flux project has become a family of GitOps related projects. The Flagger maintainers are looking forward to making use of the toolkit components and simplifying Flagger this way. Consolidating the code-bases and thinking in terms of a “Flux Family of Projects” and writing up the roadmap accordingly should benefit both communities as a whole.


  • Approval of Flagger & Flux maintainers to join the Flux project (Nov 2020)
  • Approval from Weaveworks to transfer Flagger and its copyright to CNCF (Nov 2020)
  • Flagger v1.5.0 released under fluxcd/flagger (Dec 2020)