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RequireJS.NET v2.1

New in RequireJS.NET v2.2

  • All packages now target .NET 4.5 only, dependencies updated to Json 9.0 and MVC 5.2
  • Compressor fixes and improvements see pull request #72 introduces breaking changes
  • Compressor relative file paths fix see pull request #62
  • Compressor dir aliases support see pull request #59
  • RequireJS EntryPointResolver controller path formats and areas into arrays see pull request #69
  • RequireJS configuration caching, see example here
  • up-to-date documentation

Upgrade from Compressor v2.1.x

  • The Compressor package is a now tool package and the dll is no longer referenced in project
  • RequireJsNet.Compressor.targets is automatically included into the cproj file, RequireJs.json files are now processed on build by default
  • Compressor 2.0.x build task must be update with the new path AssemblyFile="...\packages\RequireJsNet.Compressor.2.2.3\tools\RequireJsNet.Compressor.dll"
  • for more details on how to configure Compressor 2.2 in Visual Studio and on a build server see
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