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Stefan Prodan

DevOps Consultant. DX at Weaveworks. Passionate about Cloud Native tech. Loves programming in Go and building Kubernetes operators.

RequireJS.NET v2.1

Change log

  • added the ability to fully customize entry point resolution see Overriding entry point path generation
  • documentation and example clean-up and improvements
  • fixed bug where an exception would be thrown when encountering a shim item with no dependencies
  • auto compressor attempts to normalize module names in require definitions
  • added configuration parser/mergers unit tests (xUnit)
  • added tests for critical paths through ConfigMerger
  • added support for module parser to process define(function) modules
  • ConfigMerger now also merges OutputPath and IsVirtual of bundles
  • ConfigMerger now overrides autobundle outputPath if a new one is set
  • fixed ConfigMerger nullchecking of maps collection
  • added support for .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC v3 or newer
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