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RequireJS.NET v2.0

It’s been two years since my first attempt to integrate RequireJS with ASP.NET MVC. Being my first open-source project it was fun and challenging. Version 2.0, developed and maintained by VeriTech, comes with new features and major improvements especially to the bundling component.

Change log

  • new JSON config format compatible with require.js configuration object, the XML format from v1.x is deprecated
  • passing values between ASP.NET and JavaScript done via a global filter (RequireOptionFilter), the RequireController is no longer need and has been removed
  • breaking changes in RenderRequireJsSetup HTML helper, it takes a single argument of type RequireRendererConfiguration
  • auto bundling capabilities
  • compressor and config parser refactoring
  • export .resx files to JavaScript in i18n format (MsBuild task)
  • project website with updated tutorials
  • up-to-date documentation wiki
  • various bug fixes

Upgrade from v1.x

If you are currently using RequireJS.NET v1.x be aware that v2 introduced breaking changes, please follow the upgrade guide.

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